I has just finished my breakfast, which was an omelette with toast and fresh papaya juice, in the glorious warmth of an early Balinese December morning in 2010. Kyle Vialli, one of my companions on this adventure, was mixing a concoction of fresh greens with some green powder mix. As he downed his drink, all I could think was ‘swamp juice’. It looked like the most horrid drink imaginable. My drink of choice was coke and my food of choice were spicy curries.

Three months later, after having my live blood analysed and a thorough health check, I was on the same juices as Kyle. Over a few months after then, my health has been better than it had been since I was a young child. The majority people, particularly with the Western mindset, have no clue about the plethora of poisons that enter their body through food alone. Over the course of the next few months, I will share the major lessons I have learnt in transforming my health. In the next blog, I will be talking about clearing the most important part of the anatomy for eliminating toxic waste from the foods we eat – the bowel!

Love and gratitude,