Welcome to my brand new blog where I will be sharing some of my incredible experiences and findings in my own journey of personal evolution.

Why ‘True Spiritual Gatherings’? I have spent much of my life travelling and discovering important lessons that have helped tremendously in my own growth. Since 1998, I have been either directing or being involved in events that have helped others to grow in their own paths. Since the autumn (fall) of 2007, I have been immersing myself in the world of science and spirituality. Oh, boy! Did I learn a lesson or two along the way?!!

Since the news of the impending change in consciousness around 2012 was revealed to me, the world has witnessed a sea-change in the way people work. A vast number of people are much more interested in spirituality (not religion, I hasten to add) and their own spiritual growth. Unlike the times of the great avatars of thousands of years ago, there is not one sole individual master teacher on the planet ‘saving mankind’.

Instead, humanity’s collective consciousness has excelled to such an extent that we have a great number of great teachers on the planet now. This also means that there are many more gatherings taking place across the planet that are helping people to spiritually evolve. I have created this blog for the purpose of sharing distinctions that I have made in helping me to discern between universal truths and non-truths about  the world of spirituality. I am a consummate learner of all matters that involve humanity and the Cosmos and I hope you can join me as we begin this quest of Self-discovery.

Love and gratitude, 

Harun Rabbani