Most people who know me tend to think that I am a healthy eater and look after overall health, which is all true. However, until recently, I had two major lifelong addictions – chocolates and cola. Even when I was working from a holistic centre for health, nobody could get me off either addiction.

This all changed literally overnight when I had a live blood analysis carried out by a professional. When she showed one of the major causes of my addiction to sugary stuff, I was stunned. I had parasites in my blood! But I can assure you now that it is not a rarity that parasites are found in blood.

So how did these minute critters get into my blood? They enter the human body through touch, food, or the skin. As mammals are great for offering food and shelter for parasites, humans are perfect hosts. They start absorb nutrients available and continuously multiply in such a way that they deprive the host of vital nutrients, especially from the blood. These parasites can freely move around in the human body and reside in various organs like the kidneys, pancreas, liver, brain, etc.

You’re probably wondering if you have parasites in your blood. Other than investing in a live blood analysis, you can get a generalised idea by looking at common symptoms. These include craving sweet food products, bloating after eating food, cramping and poor digestion after eating meals, foul breath, highly irritable when hungry, sinus problems in the mornings and constantly feeling tired. If you have one of these symptoms, it is likely you have parasites in your blood.

One of the best ways to eliminate parasites from your blood is to do a ‘parasite cleanse’. There are numerous companies that provide excellent detox programmes for removing parasite. Before you go running to the first product you can lay your hands on, do your research. My own research led me to discover that many of the products last for 30 days or so. Since parasites lay eggs that hatch 2-3 weeks afterwards, I opted for a 100 day cleanse. That way both the adult parasites and the next generation were eliminated.

I carry out one parasite cleanse a year to deal with any newcomers! Parasites have been on the planet for a very long time and so are very resilient. Although prevention is wise by ensuring you have good personal and food hygiene, parasites may still enter your body. Therefore, keep an eye out for the tell-tale signs so that you can deal with them quick and fast. In the meantime, you’ll hear more on natural parasitic cleanses on this blog in the future. Stay in touch!

Next time, I will share with you how I kicked a lifelong coke-habit!

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