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When I had my live blood analysis carried out a couple of years ago, one of the major issues that was addressed was that of heavy metals in the body. What do I mean by ‘heavy metals’? These are metals that accumulate in the cells and bloodstream over a lifetime. Most are toxic in nature and are easily picked up due to the massive atmospheric pollution and the poisons in the water we drink and the foods we eat.  They are mercury, aluminum, lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic. We need very little of only a few heavy metals including zinc, copper, cobalt, manganese, molybdenum, vanadium and strontium. These good heavy metals become toxic to us when the quantity is too high and it takes really very little to be too much.

A powerful way to remove heavy metals from the body is through the use of chlorella. This is a single-celled algae that is found in nature and is considered a ‘superfood’ due to its many health- and vitality-enhancing properties. Chlorella has as much usage in Japan and China as vitamin C has in the UK, Europe and USA. Yet, its usage has only moved to the West in the past few years. It is packed with protein (double that of spinach) and about 38 times the quantity of soybeans and 55 times that of rice. It also contains nine essential amino acids, as well as vitamins and minerals. The health claims are vast and range from preventing cancer to reducing inflammation of joints and muscles. This powerful microalgae superfood binds to mercury (and other metals) and helps remove it from your body, safely and naturally. It doesn’t get 100% of the mercury out (chelation can help with that), but it does an amazingly good job for a natural, food-based dietary supplement. Check out Natural News for an excellent article on chlorella. The UK’s Telegraph newspaper have also praised the value of Chlorella, which is pretty good going for a food product that started off in the West from within the health food fanatics.

Since taking chlorella, I have been feeling much more lighter and energised. Many people have commented how my skin has a radiant glow, which is a natural state that everybody could achieve very easily. The great news is that chlorella is natural and is available in tablet form or in powder form. Personally, I prefer to take a heaped teaspoon or more with my green juices in the morning. After all, it is also very alkalising. I have to admit that it is not to everyone’s taste and can take getting used to. That’s why the tablet form may be more suitable for some people. But before you go and stock up on this amazing superfood, please do your research first and try them out from different producers and stick with the one you are most comfortable with.

Love and gratitude, 


Disclaimer: Harun Rabbani does not claim to be a medical practitioner or health expert qualified to give any advice. Please consult a qualified health expert before attempting any cause of action based on these blogs. Readers are fully responsible for any action they may take as a result of reading materials shared on this website. 

We are moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, which marks the end of a dark era and a new golden age. The Age of Pisces has been one that has been symbolised by a patriarchal, competitive and dog-eat-dog era. In the past 100 years, Mankind has been at war 97% of the time.

The Age of Aquarius is one that will be symbolised by a much higher conscious human species who are living in co-operation and collaboration with itself, Nature and the Cosmos. However, there will be a transition period and WE are the people who will need to adjust our ways of thinking, being and doing.

On Thursday 15th November 2012, I will be joined by energy therapist, trance consultant and medium whose spirit guides will be helping to clean and clear the energies of participants on the call on UnTangled FM. You can find out more about this specific call by clicking here and about the rest of the True Law of Life™ Seminar series by clicking here. I hope you can join me.

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Lidia Frederico is a lifelong spiritual coach, energy therapist, trance medium and author. She is widely sought out by clients and media worldwide. Lidia inherited her medium and healing abilities from a lineage of female healers and mediums on her mother’s side. Lidia has been fully aware of her gifts since childhood, which she nurtured and, in due course, culminated in her developing her channeling abilities by 1993.

Lidia expertly and thoroughly clears clients of negative influences in their energy fields. By channeling her guides, Lidia identifies all such influences in a person’s life. Depending on the client, this could be anything from a person’s beliefs, thought patterns, entities that have attached and need removing, or the result of those not channeling the light and much more.

Lidia is one of the most sought-after spiritual mentors and a visionary who is making a massive difference to the lives of multiple thousands of people through her not-for-profit organisation, Global Light Foundation (formerly known as ‘G.L.P.’). This fledgling organisation is already highly respected for its association in supporting other charies as a collaborative partner.

As we enter the winter season in the Northern hemisphere, one of the most common yet often ignored symptoms of the darker nights is ‘Seasonal Affective Syndrome’ (S.A.D.). This condition leaves the sufferer in a major state of depression and sometimes is known as the ‘winter blues’.

There are numerous ways to deal with the symptoms, but prevention is always better than cure. Here are a couple of great mood managers for S.A.D:

Even though there may be only a few daylight hours as winter encroaches, make sure you go out for walks when the sun is out. That means, for example, going out for lunch during the working week. However, take longer outdoor walks on your day off. Even if it is raining, there is much to be said about being out in nature during daylight hours.

Some people will love the second way of handling depression. Chocolate. That’s right, eating chocolate has a powerful uplifting effect on the body’s biochemistry. The best chocolates have, at least, 70-90% cocoa if not more. Two squares (pieces) of this type of chocolate will suffice. However, I am not talking about the sugar-ridden chocolates made by the mass producers. Although there is not enough scientific evidence, high consumption of the sugar-saturated chocolate brands are associated with people with depression.

So stock up with the quality chocolates and get plenty of sunshine!

Love and light, 


Technological advances in the last twenty years have allowed humankind to go so much further than anyone could have imagined. Thanks to the internet and emails,  social media sites such as Facebook, it is possible to connect with anybody and even build relationships from thousands of miles afar.

However, there is still great beauty in connecting with like-minded souls on a face-to-face basis and simply talking. My own passion is to share knowledge, information and experience with individuals consciously seeking to evolve their consciousness. Most people do evolve on their own, but their consciousness grows by single digit figures over the course of their lifetime. As a spiritual mentor whose had a deep and diverse experiences across the spectrum (Relationships, enterprise, innovation, finance, recruitment, philanthropy, community activism, energy movement work, etc), I have been asked to share teachings that may help transform people’s lives.

Can you imagine what the world would look like if people were on their on true path of personal evolution, following the purpose and living in flow everyday? So, I am delighted to announce that I am launching The True Spiritual Gatherings, which will be taking place across a number of cities in England to start with. We have already had our first pilot gathering in Birmingham and we will have our second meeting tomorrow. In a few weeks time, we will be holding our first London meeting in a central location. I will keep those who are interested abreast of the new meetings  as and when they happen.

The True Spiritual Gatherings will bring into discussion the topics of mind, emotional maturity, the inner microcosm, Universal Laws, spiritual laws, attraction, divine masculine and feminine, Divine beings, the science of consciousness, life purpose, self-healing, chi work and so much more. Each meeting will be held every 4-6 weeks and are on a donation basis. That way, those who are experiencing blockages in their lives are not excluded. Watch this space for announcements!

Love and gratitude,


When my buddy, Kyle Vialli, switched me onto the idea of moving to a healthier alkaline diet, I was overwhelmed by the amount of changes I needed to make. And, to think everybody else thought I was healthy already! Far from it as it transpired.

One of the fundamental aspects of living a healthier lifestyle that is disease-free is to ensure that the conditions in the body are such that most pathogens cannot exist. So, the first thing I needed to do was to juice greens that would help improve my pH balance.

As much as I can, I prefer to use natural foods and only resort to supplements when there is none available. I will talk about the juicing another time because my challenge, at the time, was getting an appropriate juicer. The Rolls Royce of juicers that so many people rave on about is Vitamix. However, at more than £400 a for one unit, I found that it was out of my price range at the time. At the time, I opted for a glass blender for £35 to do the juicing. Although it looked good and was perfect for me at the time, I found it to be a bit of a juggernaut as it took so much space and is so difficult to clean. On top of that, it didn’t take long for it to be worn out.

I shopped around much more and recently got myself a Kenwood Smoothie Maker for…wait for it…£24.99 at Argos. I cannot tell you how fantastically blended smoothie it makes. I give this product a 5-star rating for beginners and newbies to healthy living. It’s easy to clean, does the job perfectly and is small and compact enough to take it with me on my next spiritual retreat to Bali next year.

Very soon, I will be sharing some fabulous recipes that have worked for me. Have a go at juicing. You will start noticing a big shift in your energy and your overall health.

Love and gratitude, 


When I first came across the idea of detoxing and cleansing the body, I was so confused. Most of it sounded so expensive and time consuming. How wrong was I?!!

So here is a very quick one that you can do every morning. You know how after you wake up from a night’s sleep and your mouth feels a tad yucky? Well, that is the accumulation of millions of bacteria and other foreign bodies in your mouth all releasing their own toxins. Is it a surprise that hygienists claim the mouth is the most unclean part of the body?

The first task of the morning should be to brush your teeth and if you have a tongue-cleaner, then to use that, too. The cleanse itself is amazingly quick and easy. All you need to do is to add a dash of lemon juice (from a fresh organic lemon) into a mug or cup of hot water. Sipping the hot water before you eat or drink anything else has a number of effects. Of course, the best water you can use is one that is alive and structured. The three most important ones are:

1). The hot water washes and cleans the toxins from your gut.

2). You hydrate the body with the perfect fluid – near body temperature water. You couldn’t ask for more.

3). The small amount of lemon juice, despite being acidic in nature, is broken down by the digestive juices and is converts the pH to alkali, which is precisely what the blood needs (alkalising) and, in doing so, creates difficult conditions for many diseases to survive such as candida and cancer.

Although, this quick and easy morning cleanse is an excellent way to get your day started, it is only one part of your nutrition and cleanse. You cannot ignore the other aspects. Nonetheless, you will begin to feel a difference within days.

Love and gratitude, 


One of the most powerful cleanses you can perform is when you get rid of the accumulation of poisons from the liver. It is the most formidable remover of toxins and hostile metals from the body. This is an even more vital process for people suffering from diseases, e.g. cancer. In fact, you will find that diseased people have an excess of toxins in their bodies, which are in desperate need for their immune system to be fully functional. A liver cleanse helps eliminate small stones, toxins and metals from this amazing organ.

I had heard of numerous liver cleanses, but it was my good friend and a brilliant vitality coach, Kyle Vialli, who inspired me to take my first steps. Given the nature of the food we eat nowadays and the way they are processed, it is recommended to do a liver cleanse every two-three months. So, here is one version that I find effective.

What’s needed?

  1. Epsom salts (Magnesium sulphate – available at most local pharmacies)
  2. Structured, activated water or distilled water
  3. 4-5 organic lemon or 2-3 organic pink grapefruits
  4. Organic extra virgin olive oil.


The best day to perform the liver flush is during the full moon. The full moon effects higher water movements in the oceans and also has a direct effect on the water in humans. Also, ensure you have quick and easy access to the WC (toilet) on this night. You will be visiting it a few times!

If at all possible, take alkaline foods/beverages (e.g. kombucha) and detoxing drinks like Dr Stuart’s Detox Tea for 21 days leading up to the liver cleanse. On the day of the cleanse, either fast (herbal teas) or eat vegetarian food, but minimise the use of fatty foods. This makes it easier for the liver to do its job. Do not eat or drink (apart from water) after 2pm. This gives a four-hour window for the food in your gut to be digested. Obviously, the less you eat, the easier it is to cleanse the liver.

Make up your epsom salt drink: Add four tablespoons of Epsom salt to 3 cups of water. (Each cup is approximately 8 oz). Stir this thoroughly and place into a clean glass bottle. There are now four servings of Epsom salt drink.

6pm: Take your first glass of epsom salt drink.

8pm: Take your second glass of epsom salt solution.

9.45pm: Prepare citrus/olive oil cocktail

Squeeze or juice your pink grapefruits or lemons and put it into a cup measuring 6 fl oz. Add to this 4 fl oz of olive oil. Shake and mix well. Decant or filter the mix and discard of the pulp.

10pm: Stand and drink the citrus/oil cocktail. Take it in sips or drink down as quickly as possible ensuring you consume it within five minutes. You may drink water in between. The lie down straight away on our right hands side and stay nice and relaxed for a minimum of twenty minutes. It is during this time that gallstones, parasites and other toxins will pop out of the liver, which will be eliminated during the course of your next few visits to the WC.

The Next Day

6am: Brush your teeth and take your next glass of epsom salt drin.

8am: Take your final epsom salt drink.

10am: Drink a cup of herbal tea.

A great tea to drink is nettle tea, which also helps cleanse the liver. If you live near nature, then use nettles picked from your local area. Please use gloves when picking the nettle! Otherwise, most good health food stores and supermarkets also sell nettle tea. Give the tea thirty minutes or so do its job and then have a healthy breakfast to kick your day off.

10.30am Your cleanse is over! You may drink or eat lightly now. Take it easy for the next few hours and do stay close to the WC. You will experience between 4-10 bowel movements during the course of the liver cleanse.

Best wishes for your liver cleanse!

Love and gratitude, 

Harun Rabbani

Author of ‘Shattering the Grandest Illusions’

Disclaimer: Harun Rabbani does not claim to be a medical practitioner or health expert qualified to give any advice. Please consult a qualified health expert before attempting any cause of action based on these blogs. Readers are fully responsible for any action they may take as a result of reading materials shared on this website. 


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