Incredible Edible Network


I am finding it difficult to contain my excitement. First, please accept my apologies for my lack of postings here. I have been busy. My radio station, UnTangled FM, began 2013 with five presenters. Right now, we are a team of seventeen people and growing.

This week sees the launch of ‘Taste of Life‘, a show all about is a celebration and exploration of food, of taste and more. Karen Kennaby’s first guest is Pam Warhurst, co-founder of the Incredible Edible Network and presenter on TED Talks.

You know how there is so much furore around GMO and corporate take-over of our dinner table? Well. how about paying attention to the amazing work that is being pioneered by real people like Pam Warhurst? After all, where attention goes, energy flows.

This first episode of Taste of Life is about growth – not only of edible plants but the growth of real community too. Food is a universal language. Interested in making real change, in getting your community more active and involved in an easy non political way? Then listen in to find out how by growing food, sharing produce, teaching cookery… Benefits are far reaching: personal satisfaction, sense of belonging, financial savings, community… and more. Why would YOU do this? How would YOU start?

The live interview takes place on Thursday 31st October at 8pm GMT (1pm PDT, 4pm EDT, 9pm CET) on Click here to find more info on the show.

Love, light and blessings,