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Have you noticed that, over the past five years, there has been an emerging pattern in the world of personal growth? An increasing number of women have been immersing themselves in personal development workshops, seminars and retreats, whilst the proportion of men getting involved has been falling rapidly. This is no coincidence. We are at the early phase of transition from a patriarchal society into a new way of being. Nope. It’s not into a matriarchy. However, it is a balance between the masculine and feminine energies that are often referred to as ‘divine masculine’ and ‘divine feminine’.

This weekend, I have the pleasure of sharing the stage with some exciting change-makers in human evolution at the Woman Magic Gathering at the Monastery in Manchester. We will be investigating the paths to creating unity within ourselves and humanity. I might be a bit naughty and throw some unexpected trinkets to shake things up a bit! So, feel free to join us on Sunday 23rd September in Manchester. Click here for full details.

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